The majority of you said that you like seeing paparazzi pictures or videos on my site.  I’m kind of relieved only because without them, I may rarely have something to post during Jason’s off time.  I understand how intrusive some paps can be and I don’t condone those who are rude or stalk Jason, especially at his home.  But if he’s out in public, and not being harmed physically or emotionally, I personally don’t see a problem.  After all, he is a celebrity and that comes with the territory.

In this week’s poll, I asked out of the choices given, which would you want the most from Jason.  I know we would want all of them, but if you could only pick one…which one would make you the happiest.

I would also like to thank both Corrina and Lyssa for sending me some beautiful Jason pics from photographer Patrick Hoelck’s site–one of which I’ve made our photo of the week.