If Jason ever showed up at your screening of ‘The Expendables’, the majority of you said that you would turn on your cellphones and start taking tons of pictures.  I said that I would rush the stage, but that’s only so I can get a closer look at Jason in person and possibly take my pictures from there since my camera phone sucks.

Since filming in New Orleans is wrapping up by the end of this week, our only news and glimpse of Jason from now may be papparrazi photos and videos.  Lots of other celebrity fansites look down on reporting or posting pap stuff…an Adrien Brody site for one.  As you know, I have no problem doing so since lots of time the paps are the only contact between us and Jason.  I wondered if you have a problem with that and posed a poll question to find out.

And a special thanks to Stathamfan for this week’s photo of the week!