Lion_KIng_Father_and_SonI wanted to wish all the fabulous fathers out there, my husband being the best one around, a very Happy Father’s Day!  My dad lives far away, but I’ve sent him his card and gift (parents live for that) and will call him later today.  He wasn’t quite Ward Cleaver when I was growing up…they ruled with a heavy hand, strict rules and severe discipline, but I turned out okay so I still need to thank him for having me.  I always say that I didn’t end up in prison so he must have done something right.  Mr. Jayfan on the other hand is a very sweet, loving, caring father to our kids who deserves this day just for him.  I hope that Jason will someday aspire to be that type of father to his kids and remember that all you need to do is marinate them in love and everything else will fall into place.