We’ve been waiting with bated breath for Sheryl Main to do another post on her blog and she’s delivered.  She talked about how a cast and crew on a set become your family for a while.  Her writings are so entertaining and informative.  I know it’s probably her job, but we are truly blessed to have this Unit Publicist of a Jason movie keep us up-to-date on things.  Here’s what she said about our Jason…

Jason…ah Jason… well he’s the guy everyone wants to be or be with!!  He is a really focused let’s make it better, rougher, meaner kind of guy who just looks freakin awesome in that swat garb…holy cow people.  He is longtime friends with Mickey – it was very cool having them on set together….

When she said Jason looks awesome in swat garb, it reminded me of him in ‘Chaos’ and I thought I’d post a pic close enough to what she described.