Diana, our recent fan encounter heroine from ‘The Expendables’ set, has offered a plea in comments, asking us all to create a game plan to help her and others meet Jason in Shreveport when he starts filming ‘The Mechanic’.  She points out that we won’t have someone like unit publicist Sheryl Main helping us on the next movie.

Speaking of Sheryl, her tweet just included a news link from Fox in New Orleans with a segment about ‘The Expendables’ filming.  Jason’s not in the video featured in this piece.  But what was interesting about the video is that they talked to a Patrick Mulhearn who they said was Louisiana’s Assistant Director of Film and TV.  Maybe this is the guy we need to talk to and find out about ‘The Mechanic’?  (Funny note:  Sheryl pointed out that the news report said the film was about “a group of missionaries” and not mercenaries.)