Robin Leach has reported in his Vegas blog that ‘The Expendables’ movie premiere will be held at Planet Hollywood in Vegas.  According to all accounts, the film is scheduled to be released in April of 2010 (IMDB says April 23rd) so it’s safe to assume that this event will probably be around then.  Time to schedule our Vegas vacations!  Ha!

Other mentions of Jason…one positive and one not so positive…are first a comparison between John Cena and Jason in

Cena certainly has the muscle for the job but he lacks charisma. 

I never thought I’d say this but it would have been better with Jason Statham.

051The second mention is just a piece about how the way you hold your drink reveals your personality in  They speculate that Jason is closet to this personality type.  What do you think?

7.  The Jack the Lad: This “peacock” is conscious of his image and will drink a bottled beer, or cider. Inclined to be confident and arrogant, he can be territorial in his gestures, spreading himself over as much space as possible, for example, pushing the glass well away from himself and leaning back in his chair. If he’s drinking with his mates, he would be unlikely to welcome approaches from outside the group, unless sycophantic and ego-enhancing.

Celebrities: Peter Andre, David Cameron, Jason Statham. The “ladette” (e.g. Lily Allen) is a female approximation to this male archetype.