Lucky Jason fan, Diana got to meet Sheryl Main AND Jason and said she took tons of pictures that she will hopefully share with all of us soon!  We can’t wait to hear all the wonderful details of her fan encounter.  I would like to know if she mentioned this site to Sheryl and thanked her on our behalf for all the fabulous updates from ‘The Expendables’ set.  Diana also gave us the exact location of the recent video of Jason.

Okay guys hold onto your hats, paper towels, and whatever…I’m too excited for words. I did drive down to the set. I did meet up with Sheryl Main on the set of “the Expendables”. I did have MORE than just a “Jason sightng”. I had a “Jason meeting”. I took tons of pictures. (have patience. I had just bought the camera and I’m not too handy with little mechanical things. I’ll need to get my husband to help me upload, download, or whatever). By the way, the little video of first glimpse of Jason in NOLA was taken as he’s walking right outside one of the trailers parked on Girod Street b/n South Peters and Tchoupitoulas. Filming at this site ended tonight…Life is grand. I’ll stop now ’cause I’ve probably already pissed off some of you guys by gloating. Again, I think it was the power of all of the positive words of encouragement you guys gave me a few blogs back.