has a behind-the-scenes video from ‘The Expendables’ set in Brazil.  Jason’s not in the footage, but they say To Be Continued so we can only hope he will make an appearance in future clips.  I remember Sheryl Main saying that Jason was in the plane shown in the video.  How cool for him to have been able to be in that craft?

And speaking of Sheryl, she actually was the one who posted the video first on her blog…Ethelmae’s Blog.  I wanted to give kudos to her for doing that.  She also says that she’ll be in New Orleans next week already and will keep us posted.  Sheryl adds that she’s seen teaser posters for Cannes and will be posting that and a few more behind-the-scenes photos in the near future.  Wow!  Cannes is scheduled for March 2010 so it looks like ‘The Expendables’ will be screened there.