Last week’s poll asked you what you would do if you saw Jason alone on the beach, lying on a towel, sunning himself.   The majority of you were very brave and said you would set your towel next to his and lie right down next to him.  Funny thing is that the close second was that some of you would watch him from afar.  I said that I would probably walk up and talk to him, but that’s only because I would have probably been at the beach with my husband and possibly family and friends…strength in numbers.  Ha!

This week’s poll was from a Jason interview I read a while ago.  He mentioned once that he’s nothing like the characters he plays.  So I wondered out of all of the Jason characters listed, which one do you think comes the closest to the real Jason.  I’ve also added a new feature to the polls.  You may comment when you vote.  I will be moderating the comments so please be patient if your comment doesn’t appear right away.  Of course, if you wish, you can comment on this post as always.