Thanks to stathamfan for giving us this EgoGlobo.com link to a blog with a new picture of Jason in Brazil.  He was having dinner with Terry Crews and fighter Victor Belfort.  Jason looks so hot in his white t-shirt…our favorite casual look!  I translated the blog entry here with Babelfish.

The fighter Victor Belfort postou in its blog, in the Bloglog, a photo of one supper with the actors Terry Crews and Jason Statham, who are filming “the Mercenaries” with Sylvester Stallone in the River.  Joana the Prado also participated of the meeting. In post, Vítor speaks on the happiness to have obtained, with the woman, an exclusive interview with Stallone. “What it left more me happy it was to hear of the Stallone that it folloies my career since mine 19 years of age. I and the Joana are made an impression with its physical form, its personal values and familiar and its energy”, wrote.