Most of the Jason bits online are ‘Crank: HV’ movie reviews.  Some of you have posted links in comments which is great.  But not only is Jason in the news for ‘Crank: High Voltage’, but others are capitalizing on his wave of popularity by posting older articles.  This one on is an old interview he did around the release of ‘T3’.

821270oLooking ahead…thanks to Punk for reminding us that Jason did another movie since ‘Crank: HV’ and we have ’13’ to look forward to in the near future.  According to IMDB, ’13’ is slated for release in 2010, hopefully very early in 2010.  It’s a drama/thriller so we may again get to see the dramatic and intense side of Jason in that film.  We saw him do that in ‘Revolver’, ‘London’ and ‘The Bank Job’.  Jason likes being able to put the action hero aside sometimes to flex his true acting muscles.  Who says he doesn’t diversify?