Several commenters over at said they attended the test screening of ‘Death Race’ in California recently.  This is what they had to say:                (And btw, I was wrong about the release date.  IMDB has reported on the ‘Death Race’ page that the movie will be released on Friday, September 26th.)  

  • Saw it. Liked it quite a bit. The racing scenes felt like Mario Kart on steroids, as they had little markers when the racers drive over them, they get certain things like offensive or defensive weapons activated on their car.The violence in this movie is pretty brutal, people getting hit by cars, and some impalements. Definitely R-Rated material. The plot was kinda predictable, but it was a silly action movie, not Shakespeare.


  • I saw it. I thought it was a solid 7/10. Pretty entertaining, if you don’t think about certain aspects of the story. I’m normally not that big into racing movies, but this one was pretty good. Apart from Event Horizon, it’s probably the only movie I’ve liked that Anderson’s directed. The thing I hated most though was the ending, since it felt too abrupt. I also thought it was kind of annoying when they played the same group of songs twice, but since it’s a work-in-progress I guess that can change. And yeah, it’s definitely going to be rated R. If I had to guess the MPAA rating, it would be something like “rated R for strong graphic violence, language, and brief nudity” (people get blown up, beaten, shot to hell, set on fire, run over; the f-word is said a lot especially motherf__er; Statham’s butt is briefly seen when he gets hosed down in prison).Not the greatest movie, but pretty damn entertaining (and the audience seemed to like it as well).And I agree with the previous poster – Mario Kart on steroids is definitely what I was thinking when the racers drove over the sword and shield plates.


  • I agree exactly with what’s been said, I thought it was rad for what it was, a silly action update of an old cult classic. Statham was solid as he always is, the Frankenstein mask was bad ass. Ian McShane ruled every scene he was in like he typically does, and Tyrese was kept to a minimum, even though he ended up being the only other real main character. Odd.

    About the ending, I was semi-shocked by the abruptness, and it almost felt like they left a lot on the cutting room floor for this workprint, like there were possibly scenes about Case that weren’t in what we saw. I’m sure everyone there wanted to know what happened with her.

    If you’re looking for a gory action movie involving cars, this is a sure bet, I’m sure it’ll make some money when it comes out. I agree with what’s been said about it being Paul W.S. Anderson’s best movie, and I’m not a big fan of Event Horizon so I guess that’s saying something. It could also have been that it was free, if I paid for it, I might not like it so much. Just being honest there. Solid action flick, the kind that rarely seems to get made anymore.


  • I liked it. Statham kicks ass (again). Joan Allen plays a baddie badder than Cruella Deville. The cars are souped up with machine guns, shields and crazy stuff. Competitors race for their lives. What’s not to love? There was this amazing scene where this tattooed driver gets creamed by another driver just as he is escaping from his wreck of a car – whoa, one of the most amazing, shocking, BLOOD-splattering moments ever! No way its not gonna an R rating. Don’t miss. It doesn’t suck. Not for miles.